As mobile devices become ubiquitous, millennials (and even Generation X) have come to expect the ability to work on any device and from anywhere. Even your licensees expect the capability to interact with you and conduct all their business with you on a device of their choice.

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Use Any Device

Gov2Biz allows all your users, whether licensees or employees, to use any device to do what they need to do. Whether they choose a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, they will be able to perform any action that they can do on a computer. Gov2Biz’s user interface will adapt itself to fit the device’s screen for the most user-friendly experience.

No App Necessary

Your users don’t need to download an app or install any program to use Gov2Biz. They can simply open a web browser, log on to Gov2Biz, and get down to business. This way, all your users are always using the same and most current version.

Full Offline Capability

Your field operations staff – inspectors, investigators, and auditors – may have to travel to licensed locations where the internet connection is unreliable. Using Gov2Biz, they can keep doing their work offline without missing a beat. They can complete entire inspections offline and save them on their device. When they connect to the internet the next time, they can import their offline work to Gov2Biz which will parse and process their data.

Agency employees can work from anywhere and licensees can check their license status online.
Seamless Transition Between Devices

In this fast-paced world, your users may not be able to finish all of their work in one sitting. With Gov2Biz, they don’t have to. For example, your licensees can start their license application on their work PC, complete it on their iPad on their way back home, pay for it on their smartphone, and check status on their mac book, all without losing a step. Your employees can also switch seamlessly between devices and pick up where they left off.

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