Running a licensing department is hard work; you have to deal with different application forms, statutory nuances, looming deadlines, complex fee calculations, employee schedules, etc. You are also slowed down when licensees send you incomplete forms, missing documents, incorrect fees, and other erroneous applications. To add to that, you have to handle inquiries, follow up on deficiencies, mail reminders and often help applicants understand Statute and walk them through applications.

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Accept online applications, payments, complaints, renewals, amendments. Process them online with no rekeying.
Take cases from inception to closure, even across departments. Manage workflow, and track progress.
Get documents along with applications. Docs from licensing, inspections, investigations & amendments are cross referenced with licensee.
Perform inspections, and access any record from anywhere on any device. Offline inspections for no network areas.
Pull tons of canned reports, and powerful ad-hoc reports with a few clicks.
Send reminders, notices, deficiencies, confirmations by email & letters.
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Allow Licensees to Apply and Pay Online

Licensees can simply login to Gov2Biz and select the type of license they want to apply for. Gov2Biz guides the licensees through filling out the application online, presenting only the relevant questions, requesting necessary documentary evidence and also calculating the fee. Licensees can then pay the fee on Gov2Biz with their credit or debit cards.

Process Deficiencies Efficiently

Your licensing staff can review the application online on Gov2Biz. If they find any deficiencies in the application, they can simply log them and set a cut off date. Gov2Biz forwards the deficiencies to the applicant and does the necessary follow-up. When the applicant responds to the deficiency, your licensing staff can just pick up where they left off. Your employees are freed from time-consuming and energy-sapping follow-ups.

Because applications with deficiencies are moved from their queue and automatically assigned back to the licensee, your employees can focus on work they can actually do.

Give Licensees the Power of Self-Service Updates

Gov2Biz will help you further free up time by allowing your licensees to make amendments to their licenses via self-service. Your licensees can simply login to Gov2Biz and request the desired change (e.g. modify address, update ownership percentages, change Doing Business As, etc.). Gov2Biz will guide them through providing the necessary data and documents and also calculate fees, which the licensees can immediately pay.

You can set up Gov2Biz to either auto approve or require your approval.

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