Inspections & Investigations

You can make your inspections and investigations painless by using Gov2Biz’s enhanced scheduling and tracking capabilities to automate all follow-ups, communications and administrative overheads. In short, make your inspections more effective and less stressful.

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Prioritize your Inspections

With Gov2Biz, you can prioritize inspections based on the actual risk of default and noncompliance, rather than spreading your inspectors across your licensee base. Gov2Biz uses historical information about the licensee, contextual information (such as the type of license, default risk across the board, etc.) and several other factors to assess and assign risks to each license.

Schedule Inspections Efficiently

Your inspectors need to cover a lot of physical area, which can make assigning them complicated. This is further compounded by the various necessary skills and experience levels of each of the inspectors, not to mention their schedules. With Gov2Biz, you will be able to group, assign and re-assign inspections based on geography, skill levels and the most efficient routes.

Complete Inspections Faster

With Gov2Biz, your inspectors can access up-to-the-minute information about the licensee at the click of a button, including past inspections, complaints and recent transactions. All the inspections are context sensitive in Gov2Biz, so when your inspectors are inspecting a liquor store under sub-chapter 207(b), they only see the questions relevant to that section. They can answer each question and upload relevant evidence faster because they’re only seeing what is important to that location.

Questionable license applications go through a “red flag” process.
Eliminate Administrative Overhead

Using Gov2biz for your inspections frees you from having to perform cumbersome paperwork, such as sending report copies to the licensee, scheduling follow-up inspections, completion notifications, etc. Your inspectors simply put in their finding and the score, and Gov2biz does the rest.

Use any Device

Your inspectors can do all this and more on any device, including their smartphones. There is no app to download and no software to update and maintain. Once you start using Gov2Biz, you don’t have to constantly upgrade to newer and more powerful laptops or special tablets.

If you’re ready to increase your inspectors’ efficiency with our easy-to-use software, contact us for a demonstration.

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