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With Gov2Biz, you can centralize, automate, and simplify all communication, making it easier on yourself, your staff, and your licensees.

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Manage All Notifications Under One Roof

Whether it be standard and routine letters, (using structured templates) or more ad-hoc contact, you perform all communications with your licensees from within Gov2Biz. This way, all your communications are centralized in one place. No more searching through your inbox, archives, or worse, desk drawer.

Email communications keep the licensee engaged in the approval process and eliminates inquiry phone calls.
Streamline Email and Paper Mail

With Gov2Biz, you can generate both emails as well as paper letters, allowing you to choose your channel of communication. Gov2Biz will automatically send out all emails and print out all paper letters overnight so you have them ready to go when you come to work in the morning. You can view a complete history of all communication with any licensee at the click of a button.

Automate Contextual Reminders

Gov2Biz will send out initial notifications to renew to all licensees, track everyone’s renewals, and mail out reminders and re-reminders only to those licensees who have still not renewed. If some licensees need to receive paper notifications, Gov2Biz will automatically print out only the defaulters. You no longer need to sort through renewal records and figure out who to remind.

Rest Assured with On-event Notices

With Gov2Biz, you can rest easy knowing that all notifications that are contingent upon other events are automatically being sent out. When a payment fails, someone’s date for reporting continuing education is approaching, or you have sent a “request for information” to anyone, Gov2Biz will automatically send the licensee the relevant email or generate the appropriate letter. When you’re ready to simplify your life by letting Gov2Biz take care of your communication requirements, contact us, and we’ll be happy so set up a demonstration.

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