Gov2Biz harnesses the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) to help you supercharge your agency.

Gov2biz’s powerful AI algorithms help you cut down processing time, by validating the attachments that applicants’ include while applying. Gov2Biz can then alert the user or stop the user outright if the upload does not meet your requirements.

Reading Documents

Gov2Biz’ artificial intelligence is powerful enough to “read” uploaded documents and look for images within the uploads. You can even set Gov2Biz up to give instant approvals of document-heavy amendments and supplements, saving you time while at the same time significantly improving licensee experience.

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Example Scenario

Many professional licenses require a headshot of the applicant. The applicant’s often ignore the guidelines for an acceptable picture and upload pictures that are meant for social media and not for license. This slows down your licensing, hurts your metrics, as you have to wait for the applicant to send you a better picture.

Gov2Biz can help you eliminate this problem. Gov2Biz’s AI will automatically “see” the picture when an applicant uploads it and can stop them if the picture does not meet your specifications.

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Hi! This is Abe!

Abe is Gov2Biz’s friendly chatbot, who can help you respond to incoming phone calls 24x7x365. Abe talks in a friendly tone, can understand and respond in a natural conversational language.

By responding to application status inquries and taking complaints over the phone, Abe can reduce the your employee’s phone time by over 40%. Abe automatically transcribes all complaints, allowing your employees to focus on processing the complaint rather than dealing with the emotion typical with these calls.

Hi, I’m Abe. How can I help you today?

Abe is always learning, and we continually keep adding new features to Abe based on our customer’s feedback. Abe will soon be multilingual, and will be able to do even more to assist you in running your agency.

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