One Agency – One Platform

Everything you need to issue, inspect, enforce, and service licenses on one platform.

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All your Business in one place

Bring all your interactions with the licensee on to one platform: application processing, licensing, inspections, enforcement, emails, documents, letters and everything else. No matter what business your agency needs to transact with the licensee, you can do it on Gov2Biz.

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All your People in one place

Break down the silos and eliminate bottlenecks, by bringing your applicants, licensees and employees on to the same platform. Enable all departments to collaborate in real-time to process and involve the licensee for faster, more informed and consistent decisions.

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Your Entire Agency in one place

Go beyond licensee interaction. Get accounting, customer service, open records, legal and mailroom in-sync with the rest of the agency by giving them controlled access to licensing, inspection and enforcement data, documents and transactions.

Gov2Biz is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, allowing you to bypass the hassle of a custom development; freeing you from constantly buying, upgrading, staffing and monitoring a licensing software infrastructure. You receive the benefits of a fully automated licensing system without having to manage a customized, one-off, software product within your agency.

Use Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge your Agency!

With Gov2Biz’ built-in Artificial Intelligence capabilities you can cut your application processing time, reduce application rates, provide consistent, high quality customer service 24 x 7 and do much more…

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Gov2Biz goes beyond being an applicant portal for licensing. It acts as a single window for all interactions between the licensee and your agency; including new licenses, renewals, complaint response, auditing, paying fines, excise duty reporting, market label approval, case management and more.


“Process automation through technology eliminates errors and shortens wait times for licensees. Gov2Biz allows case workers to focus on exceptions and potential fraud while allowing licensees to play a role in expediting their licenses.”

Gonzalo M. Barrientos Jr.

Texas Senator

Executive Director

“I’ve reviewed a number of licensing software packages and none of them are as comprehensive as the single platform provided by Gov2Biz. Gov2Biz allows customization with your agency terms, logo and colors. It looks and feels totally customized yet costs significantly less than home grown applications.”

William Kuntz

Executive Director (Retired)

Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

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